Children love this dachshund book.  They ask their parents to read it to them and share the book with their school mates. This dachshund autobiography is for all dog lovers! An amazing animal story about MURPHY the DACHSHUND. No other dachshund book has actual colorful dachshund pictures and dachshund puppy comments (Murphy's own) that will touch your heart! This is an adorable dachshund book for kids and grownups too! Grandparents love reading it to their grandchildren. "Murphy's Tale" a jewel among dog books! Murphy is the first-ever Dachshund author and he is still creating adventures (in a future book)for all of his! Murphy begins his story as a 6-week-old red standard male and it culminates on his 1st year birthday party! His true love "Sister" (a red standard female dachshund) is also smitten with Murphy. See for's a true love story between two dachshunds. You will love it!

Murphy gets around!  This is a dachshund love story which is recorded in pictures of Murphy and Sister.  The love in his eyes when he looks at her is undeniable. Murphy lets Sister take over his 1st birthday party presents yet in other aspects, he is a little arrogant.  Grandparents love to read Murphy's adventures to their grandchildren.  The pictures begin with his 6-week dachshund version of life throughout his first year.  Murphy is working on his 2nd book about his ventures as a "famous author" in the Sandhills of North Carolina.  A Dachshund for all seasons...........that's Murphy!

Murphy's "Dig Fest" Video on New Pics Page!